AKO Smart Glucose Monitoring Wristband

We are building a health monitoring assistant, a wrist band device which could be a part of a huge effective public health platform in future by developing amazing AI based features for it.

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About AKO

AKO is a passionate and experienced team in smart healthcare

And other field like Electronics, physics and mostly important Artificial intelligence. We are working and endeavoring since 2015, November and a strong relationship is between us.

Our Progress

Glucose Wristband

A health monitoring assistant

A wrist band device


AKO Smart Glucose Monitoring Wristband


Pwoerful Features As Always

Connect to Device & Update your Vital Signs

Monthly & weekly Data Charts

Cloud Storing Data to the Server

Create Personal Profile

Fully Responsive

Expert System for Awareness of the Disease

AKO Group

Outstanding Founders

Negin Amiri


MSc, Electronics Razi University Kermanshah, Iran Huawei

Hamed Ghodsi


Nano photonics researcher PRL, AmirKabir University of Technology Tehran, Iran

Sarvenaz Mahmoudzadeh


Senior Android/web developer MSc, Artificial Intelligence Allameh Tabatabaee University Tehran, Iran

Our Device features

Monitor Glucose without Blood Drop

Blood Glocuse level

Blood Pressure

Hemoglobin approximation

ECG signal analysis( non-contact )

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does AKO mean?

AKO is a Kurdish word and means the tip of mountain.

When and where are you originated?

AKO is a startup group founded by its three cofounders in Nov 2015 in Tehran.

Why I should trust AKO glucose monitoring device?

Accuracy and reliability are very important for AKO team and we are working hard in cooperation with EMRI (Endocrinology and Metabolism Research institute) of Tehran University of medical science in order to calibrate and test our device by FBS/BS tests of as many patients as possible in a WHO standard test condition.

Is AKO glucose monitoring device suitable for me?

AKO glucose monitoring device is completely non-invasive and without any disposal. Thus anyone whether diabetics or healthy can use it as many times he/she wants. AKO device is connected to a mobile application for ease of use and gathering measured data.

What is the technology behind your device?

AKO device incorporates our novel optical spectroscopy method combined with a deep neural network model for calculating results that are more accurate.

When your device enter the market?

We are now working on calibration and clinical tests and planning for enter the market in early 2019.

How can I register for a device?

You can easily register from our website for getting updated by our latest news and also pay for an early prepay ( with 50% discount ).

how much does AKO device cost?

AKO device has no side costs for disposals and you will pay once and for all. The price is just 49$.